Withdraw or unlock from DAO

Here we can see how to withdraw or unlock an unlockable amount. If the unlockable amount is a deposit it will be withdrawn. If it is a withdraw and it is available for unlock (the unlockable amount type has a boolean, unlockable, which indicates it) it will be unlocked and available with the compensation added.

import { ConnectionService, Environments, WalletService, Logger } from "../src";

const ckbUrl = "http://localhost:8117/rpc";
const indexerUrl = "http://localhost:8117/indexer";
const mnemonic = "private pond zero popular fashion omit february obscure pattern city camp pistol";

const main = async () => {
    try {
        const connectionService = new ConnectionService(ckbUrl, indexerUrl, Environments.Testnet);
        const wallet = new WalletService(connectionService, mnemonic);

        // We will try to unlock first unlockable amount
        const unlockableAmounts = await wallet.getDAOUnlockableAmounts();
        if (unlockableAmounts.length === 0) {
            throw new Error("No unlockable or withdrawable amount. Deposit before trying to withdraw");

        Logger.info("Withdrawing or unlocking the following unlockable amount:");
        const unlockHash = await wallet.withdrawOrUnlock(unlockableAmounts[0], mnemonic);

        // You can view DAO balance with
        const daoBalance = await wallet.getDAOBalance();
    } catch (error) {
        Logger.error(`${error.name}: ${error.message}`);


Remember to withdraw a deposit at the end of the cycle but be careful not to do it too late! We have the fields remainingEpochs and remainingCycleMinutes to control the cycle status.

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